Conversions and New Developments

Felix Lane, Shepperton, Surrey

New Two-Storey – Dwelling House in Flood Zone 3

This new two-storey house in Shepperton was granted planning permission with the condition it was to be built with a raised void above ground to avoid flooding.

The property is located near the river Thames and a few Marinas, hence the high the risk of flooding. 

The supper structure, from ground floor up is being built on a reinforced concrete (RC) suspended frame structure; using beam and block on the ground floors, masonry walls, timber floors and timber roof, the whole structure is supported on piles to 8 m into the ground, all piles are tied together with ground beams.

The base structure created an elevated concrete frame to reduce potential flooding damage. This process has made it simple to build and the installation of beam and block floors with traditional materials on a solid and safe structure will last over 60 years, which is the minimum design life span for this type of structure.

Felix Lane case study