Conversions and New Developments

Inverforth, Hampstead, London

Bungalow Conversion

The project was conceived to offer a completely new storey to this historical Bungalow building near the centre of Hampstead.  Adding a new roof terrace towards the end of the building is also part of this interesting and challenging project.

Our client initially approached us asking the structural feasibility of adding an additional storey to this existing Bungalow. Discussions were had over the need to maximise the roof space by adding approximately 550 m3 new volume of usable habitable rooms and a roof terrace. A soil investigation was carried out to establish the capacity of the existing soil, and the existing building’s foundations were investigated. 

Planning application was successful, and the project is almost completed. The structural proposal was to use several sequential cranked frames to allow the required headroom and providing enough structural capacity to the new added rooms and terrace.

In this project we provided structural engineering and Party Wall services. 

Inverforth case study