Residential and Homeowners

School Lane, Cheshire, Staffordshire

Existing Bungalow / Cottage Conversion

Cottages and Bungalows make good properties to convert. They have some restrictions in terms of planning depending on the location and architectural features; however, it is always possible to add value. The structure generally consists of solid walls, solid floors, and timber roofs. In this project, the property had already been provided with substantial additional space over the past years. Having the right advice from an experienced architect, the existing footprint can be extended in various stages, thus adding good value to the plot.  When new loading is added, often, strengthening of the footings supporting the existing solid wall is required. Also, local strengthening of the existing structure around the existing footings is necessary.

In this instance, we are providing structural design for a new two storey addition at the front of the property to enlarge the existing loft and ground floors. There will be two new cracked portal frames to provide stability and support to large aluminium frame glass panels.