Structural engineering

Our approach is simple. We promise what we can deliver. We deliver high quality design. We engage with clients, architects and contractors from the beginning to ensure all parties requirements are met to the highest standards.

Conversions and New Developments

We always recommend the inclusion of the input of an experienced Architect familiar with all RIBA stages and a practice which is proficiency in both planning and building control regulations matters. This will lead to a successful design outcome which would otherwise be compromised if one of these vital pieces is missing. This approach is also reinforced when we have clear instructions from the clients. It ensures a reduction in the number of changes often implemented towards the end of the design process and co-ordination.  This is based on us having a well-defined programme strategy that we can set up for the delivery date of the Tender.

We commit to a limited number of projects to ensure high quality design and timely results are delivered from the moment we receive the instruction and from the moment we visit the project site to carry out the initial inspection of the location or any existing structure. We follow up closely with our clients or agents to establish constraints and define timescales from the beginning, all this without the complications of traditional practices.

Residential / Homeowners’ Services

This is an important part of our business, and daily activities. 

We serve homeowners and private investors who plan to make improvements in existing buildings and homes which involve the removal or alteration of the original layout. This could also be adding new parts to the existing or extending the original footprint. Some proposals could often compromise the stability of a building and is there where we add value to the projects to ensure the proposed works are designed and shown on our drawings to meet current building regulations.

Our structural engineers will provide structural drawings and calculations which will be used by a suitable and qualified building contractor and architect during the renovation works and this will make sure that the project complies with the Building Regulations. We can also provide structural survey reports for asset management companies, private individuals and investors who want to assess the extent of structural damage in a property.

Party wall

We assist our clients with any project where the Party Wall etc. 1996 Act applies: We assist them by preparing and serving the party wall notices relevant to the proposed works and liaise with any dispute that may arise if the building works could potentially affect the adjoining owner’s building.

Party Wall

Before commencing any building works eg an extension, a loft conversion, a new or underpinning of an existing basement under an existing building, advice should be sought to assess whether the proposed works fall under the Party Wall Act. Failure to comply with this piece of legislation may result in the works being unlawful. If you are unsure, you should seek professional advice.

In most terraced properties where a loft is to be extended or the footprint of the property is enlarged by a one, two storeys or more, it is likely the works are notifiable to the adjoining owner under the Act.

This means that the proposed works to be carried at your property must be notified to all affected parties, often the adjoining owners to each side of the building, but it can also be above and/or below. 

We review the design proposals and advice on what parts of the Act the proposed works are related to.

Case studies

We present some of our most recent and some challenging case studies across the range of projects we have been working on.

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