Conversions and New Developments

Our Structural Engineers design in all the main structural materials including reinforced concrete, timber, masonry, steel, and structural glass utilising state of the art analysis tools tempered by common sense.

Structural engineering service made easy

We commit to a manageable number of projects to ensure high quality and timely results are delivered from the moment we visit site. Based on the programme we set up the delivery date for our scheme design which we closely follow up with our clients or agents to establish constraints and define timescales. Recently we’ve worked on a large project of 22 units. For more information, please visit our Projects section.

We give priority to green construction and low carbon designs wherever possible and practicable to do so. We do this by using sustainable and traditional materials such as timber and steel. These products are used as they are easily recyclable once the life cycle of the building has come to an end. 

If the use of concrete is required, often the use of crushed concrete and gravel from other demolished buildings as aggregate for the concrete is specificized to keep the carbon impact and transportation footprint to a minimum. The use of timber if it is local to reduce the carbon footprint of the transportation. We also investigate suitable steel fabrication solutions for the most challenging structural forms.

We provide the most efficient, cost effective and technically viable solutions to provide good value to our clients.

Let us help you with the following:

  • New build residential complex.
  • New build houses and blocks of flats.
  • Medium height residential buildings.
  • Commercial conversions to residential.
  • Basement Design.
  • Basement Construction Method Statements, for planning.
  • Basements Impact Assessments.
  • Overground temporary works design. 
  • Reinforced Concrete (RC) detailing.
  • Technical support to contractors and we get involved in Design and Build agreements.
  • Residential underground drainage design.
  • Bespoke architecturally design-lead structures.
  • Party Wall Agreements.
  • Construction Stage Technical Support Agreements

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