Residential and Homeowners

Nº 2 Westlinton Close, Mill Hill London

Large Rear Extension and internal Alterations

Similarly, to its neighbours at other projects within this residential complex, the clients required a full refurbishment of the property with substantial structural alterations.

In this property, the loft was also converted into a comfortable habitable space with an en-suite bathroom. The challenges of this project were to simplify the construction of the loft with the least number of beams. Therefore, 2 new 13-m-long beams were inserted through small inserts in the roof and thus “sliding” the beams in position, then another couple of secondary beams 9-m-long to support the existing roof and new floor. The original roof was constructed with timber trusses which had to be cut and carefully re-supported to allow the required space.

The works on the ground floor required the removal of several load bearing walls and to merge the internal parts of the existing house with a new rear and side extension to maximise internal space. The works required the provision of an internal lift, so this had to be thought of, and the supports carefully planned.