Residential and Homeowners

Nº 3 Westlinton Close, Mill Hill London


New basements under existing buildings are challenging to design and to build, but it is a motivating option to create additional space and add value without the aesthetic requirements of how it will look from the outside.

It is always important to assess the impact of building a new basement on the neighbouring properties, especially the alteration of excavations and imposed loading. It is required to check how the new structure will influence the surrounding buildings, other structures which may be adjacent and above. Party Wall matters are critical in many situations as the adjoining owners may have planned to have a new basement under their property. The works carried out in the creation of a new basement can have a significant effect on the adjoining properties, hence the importance of having the right Party Wall Notices in place.

In this project, our client required the construction of additional 80 m2 across the existing footprint of the house.   As the property was originally founded on piles, we had to propose a way to first, remove the existing piles in a safe and sequential way and also re-support the existing ground floor to allow the construction of the new basement.

Westlinton Close case study